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The Evolt 360 body composition analyser uses a mild electrical current to read and assess your body's tissues. 

As a registered medical device, Evolt 360 is validated to provide highly accurate and repeatable measures. The machine's data analysis methodology uses an algorithm that incorporates five (5) specific variables; height, weight, gender, age and impedance, to provide an accurate body composition (i.e. the breakdown of muscle, fat, and other tissues) measurement. Evolt 360 is quick, non-invasive and

Some of the information you will be provided includes skeletal muscle mass, your muscle balance (top to bottom and side to side), the type and location of where your body fat is distributed (way more important than just how much fat you have overall!), and clues about your hydration status.

As an Evolt 360 Body Composition Specialist, I am qualified to provide you with an understanding of the report and guide you toward your goals. 

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