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Lift Off!


A nutrition coaching program to help you SUSTAINABLY fuel your active life!

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Lift Off could be the right fit for you if:


You've tried loads of 'diets' and 'challenges' and get results short term, but can't maintain it after a few weeks.


You notice you regularly feel bloated, nauseous, constipated or generally "blergh"


You hate shopping for clothes and find it stressful and disheartening


You feel overwhelmed or confused by all the nutrition information out there and don't know what's the "right" choice for you


What Would it Mean...

To learn to not only understand nutrition, but understand how your body works so you can confidently care for it to help it function at its best, so you FEEL your best?

Imagine how it might feel to shift your mindset to one of nourishment and away from deprivation and feeling "less than". 


I want to help you feel more confident in fuelling your body in a way that YOU enjoy so you FEEL great!


Not only am I a qualified and experienced nutrition professional, I also have lived experience in navigating the wellness world prior to moving into this role. So, I absolutely understand how it feels to be ready to throw your hands up in frustration!


Lift Off is designed to help you gain the skills and tools to nourish your body and brain. Learn how to implement effective and practical strategies that are both flexible and sustainable so you can do it for life! 

I am a firm believer that nutrition should fit into your life and food preferences, you shouldn't have to completely turn yourself in knots to fit into the rules of a 'diet'. Rigid food rules are the fast track to feeling like you're a failure. 


This is not an 'eat this, not that' program. Of course I'll be talking about foods that provide benefits, but we will cover ALL the aspects that factor into why we make food choices, cos let's be real, none of us eats in a vacuum. Our food decisions are affected by so many things, so we cannot ONLY think of food as fuel; food is a huge part of life and it is a key part of the way we connect, communicate, love, commiserate and celebrate! 


Let me guide you to reach new heights in nourishing your body while loving food. Rebuild your relationship with both food and your body, and get back in touch with your innate appetite cues that so many of us lose touch with in our busy lives.


What You'll Gain:

๐Ÿ”ฌ How to apply science-based nutrition principles

๐Ÿงฉ Understand how your body digests and absorbs food and nutrients and the effects of a range of factors beyond

     just what and how much you eat and move, such as your microbiome, stress, sleep and environment

๐Ÿฆ  Gain insight into ways to improve your digestion and nurture your gut microbiome to reduce bloating,

     constipation and other gut symptoms (note this is not an IBS specific program)

๐Ÿ›’ My simple and flexible systems approach to setting up your grocery shopping & kitchen for success,

     even when you cannot be bothered cooking (no rigid systems or new appliances required!)

๐Ÿฅ˜ Yummy and EASY recipes to enjoy solo or with your family, without counting calories, restricting

     or getting bored with flavours.

๐Ÿญ Work on rebuilding your relationship with food, and your body to get back in touch with your body and

     innate appetite cues that you may have lost touch with after years of calorie counting and dieting

๐ŸŽฏ Discover my proven goal setting methods that actually work, even for neurodivergent minds!

๐Ÿง˜‍โ™€๏ธ Learn what mindset really means, and how to shift it in the direction that you want to

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿ”ฌ An experienced and qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian, to help you implement nutrition strategies and overcome roadblocks

Get Access To:

Weekly online LIVE group coaching: 30 min group coaching sessions - ask questions,  share wins & feel supported! Your weekly chance to get into the brain of an empathetic, realistic and qualified dietitian

Online resources added weekly, covering a wide range of topics, all presented in short, easy to "digest" videos plus downloadable resources and worksheets

Reflection and action-taking activities to help you with taking the steps to make change

A community of like-minded people to chat with & cheer on

Easy to follow guides to nourishing yourself around your busy life, + snack & meal recommendations

Tips to troubleshoot nutrition when life gets in the way

A hub of easy-to-make, nutritionally balanced recipes - minimal steps, maximum flavour!

Online chat support



TWO private sessions with me; usually reserved for my 1:1 clients.  Your opportunity to ask your very specific questions and work with me to go deep into your individual goals and needs. Get collaborative notes after these sessions for later reference, plus the option of having the session recorded. 











Lift Off!

Goal Setting & Creating Your Roadmap

Discover how to set goals and implement steps to make them happen. My method, developed in partnership with a Sports Psychologist works even for ADHD brains! 

Systems Approach to Food & Meal Planning

Learn to implement flexible systems that make it easy to nourish your body & make food decisions that serve your goals.

Nutrition Foundations

Learn how your digestive system really works and the important foundations of nutrients and their roles in your body.
Harness your nutrition for optimal outcomes.

Identifying Quality Nutrition Information

Learn where to find credible information, & how to spot nutribollocks, so you can run a mile from it!

Mindset - from Deprivation to Nourishment

Learn how your thoughts around food and your body can shape your results and ability to make change. Identify physical from emotional hunger and steps to manage it.

Gut Health Foundations

Understand the role of the gut microbiome in all areas of health; learn ways to cultivate a happy, healthy gut. 

Timing Your Food & Nutrients

Learn how to time food around your busy schedule, particularly around activity, to maximise your potential and keep your energy levels revving.

Setting Up For Sustainable Success

Our program wrap up week will provide you with post program success tools and strategies to maintain your new habits.

Hi, I'm Erin Brealey

Dietitian, and actual human person!

I'm an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian and specialise in helping people focus on nourishment for their performance and improving gut health. 

I'm also a busy, active woman who regularly trains, so I like you, want to get the most out of life but don't have the time to be spending on making fancy, time-consuming meals!

I have been working in the health and nutrition space for 15 years, and I've done all the silly stuff, to save you the hassle! I'm so passionate about ditching fad diets, reconnecting you to your body, easing gut discomfort, and helping you reclaim the power over food so you can give yourself permission to eat without a side of guilt! 

Lift Off is aimed to help you reach new heights in your nutrition so you can find joy in food, and get back to living your best life!

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