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Working with Me

Receive the same high quality expert nutrition advice and support to reach your specific nutrition goals, whether it's face-to-face or via telehealth.

I conduct consultations in my Brisbane clinic weekly and in Rockhampton once a month. I also conduct online consultations are conducted via my web-based video conferencing platform, and are run in exactly the same way as face to face appointments.

There are benefits to both, you may be a person who prefers to be in the same room without other distractions, which is where a clinic appointment would be perfect. Or you may prefer to receive nutrition advice online during an appointment at the most convenient time and place for you, and no travel time!

In both types of appointment, we can go over nutrition education, action steps and any other relevant resources. If we are face to face we will look at it together, online I can simply share my computer screen with you so we can both see the same thing.  You don't need to be a technology whiz to use the online system, all you'll need to do is simply click a link you'll be sent with your appointment reminder, too easy!

Initial Consultation


60 mins

The aim of our first consultation is for me to learn about YOU, your food preferences, goals for your nutrition and conduct a thorough nutrition assessment so I have all the information to best develop advice and nutrition plans tailored to you. 

Step 1

Pre Consultation Form

I will email you a short questionnaire to complete and send back before your first consultation. This allows me to obtain useful information to target your appointment to your specific needs.

Step 2

Health & Goals

During our appointment, I will ask you questions to give me insight into your overall health status. We will also discuss your goals to ensure your nutrition plan hits the mark for you.

Step 3
Nutrition & Lifestyle

During the consult I will also discuss your current eating habits and dietary intake as well as any food intolerances and of course, your food preferences. We will also discuss your lifestyle to enable us to see the big picture.

Step 4

Action Plan

I will work with you to come up with solutions to suit your needs. I will then email you a summary of our discussion along with any other other resources, e.g. food/symptom diary or monitoring sheet, or individualised meal plan if you have opted to purchase one.

Review Consultations


30 mins

Review sessions are designed to provide you with ongoing support and accountability to work toward your goals successfully. 

Consistent Support & Guidance

Review consults are shorter than initials as we don't need to go into the depths about your health and nutrition history. 
Evidence tells us people get better results when they have ongoing support and guidance toward their goals. 

Tweaking the Plan to

Work for YOU

We will discuss the action steps implemented at our first consult and make any modifications necessary. 

We can also set a few short term goals to work toward until your next review. 

Practical Advice and Feedback

Review sessions are a good time to troubleshoot any barriers or practical issues associated with changing your habits. I also like to provide specific education on topics relevant to your needs to arm you with the skills to be in charge of your own health.